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Urbanized - Full Length Documentary

I remain concerned with the role of art in human interaction and the generation of place in public space.
Artistic participation correlates with civic & social engagement.
A better future.

Director: Gary Hustwit
Stars: Rem Koolhaas, Jan Gehl, Norman Foster, Alejandro Aravena and others.




Lot of painting & some large projects coming out....

Been having a lot of fun and getting a lot of work done. Some projects are being polished off in China and I'll try to post an image of that stuff next.

Until then here are some outdoor works from South America. You can always find more on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stuffedanimalbrigade

Check out instagram too if you want. http://instagram.com/buttermilkloaf#

Here is my final mural from the Galápagos & a few other murals too.


Galápagos Islands

Fun time! Be healthy, wealthy, & happy and enjoy!


Beaches of Equator - painting all kind of places & more to come

Been traveling the coast & painting randomly for food, weed, drinks, & sleep. I may stay on the beach for a while. Paradise is nice after all.


November's plans

I'll be back in Quito next month, but don't think I'll be able to stay for long.

I plan to head off into the jungle unless some amazing painting opportunity or desert shaman calls me first. I plan to go as deep as I can in search of a master trying to make up my own lesson.

Yeah, so hopefully that's a smooth phase transition. And you? What're your plans?

I've recently discovered that - indeed - Ecuador does have some of the best colours this world has to offer.

Unfortunately, some people don't understand that nature's greens are beautifully healing and that replacing them with bricks and cement and combustion engines is but an evil fever-dream from past nightmares of mad men.

Well, open up a new dream for them if you can, and if you can't, learn and grow.

Little hug, big hug, little hug, little kiss, big kiss.

Right now at this #moment #galapagos #graffiti #sexy #streetart #style #ecuador #love

PS. You can find more work at http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuffedanimalbrigade

I'd put more but don't have time.

PPS. Anyone want to manage my shit?

Job requirements:
1. Travel the world with me.
2. Document & Organize my work.
3. Be chill.
4. Enjoy funny stuff.


Galapagos Magic!

Hello there!
I'm currently on the Galápagos isles. I mostly live on a magic turtle farm in the highlands of Santa Cruz. I'm not kidding.
Internet's a bit slow here, so you probably won't hear from me till 2014 :)
#turtle #painting #art with sleepy #cat

I can post stuff on Instagram (it's slow and crappy, but it's a slow internet isle). Anyway, I will try to upload some of my art there.

Check it out!

What else is new, you ask?
My Raccoon-Cats are comin' to a store near you. I have books & various toys that are being made in China. Also, not kidding. Lots of outdoor / public / interactive art being done & coming out. Uh, I think that was kinda the purpose of this blog whenever it was made.

So, Cheers! Robot or time-traveler from some distant future, you're probably the first reading this ;) What happens to pages like this in the future, time-traveler? Is there still internet? Is there still earth? Is this still a valid public forum, or is it the plaza, upon which machine guns were mounted?

Wish I could say more, but I'm busy doin stuff :)



Blast off - set sail - 4 divine moments of truth

Off to the republic again. Should be painting walls there. Old images of walls painted in China have not been uploaded as I am hella-busy with other projects. Shit, I ain't postin none of that here though.

Here's where I'm headed. In a round about manner of monkey-lip-flapping-telepathy made audio-visual.


June 14, 2013 - New Stuff on Flickr - Enjoy!

I don't have too much time to spend with this blog these days. I'm quite busy and lucky if I can digitize works for my own personal record, much less put them online to the multitude of websites.

I will try to put things online with Lightroom (a program I edit images with) on Flickr.

Flickr has a nice interface if you're going to take a glance at my work. Click the image or link below.

Enjoy! May your days be beautiful.





Chinese Buffalo (in china)

Chinese Buffalo, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.


Temple Gate

Temple Gate, originally uploaded by Loaf.

I kind of like it this way too, before the halo

Temple Gate

Temple Gate, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

I kind of like it this way too, before the halo


Dryin clothes

Dryin clothes, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.


Forever sounds the horn

Forever sounds the horn, originally uploaded by Loaf.

Midlake - The Horn www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYqsN4fCVjM (youtube is blocked here but german google isn't)

Forever sounds the horn

Forever sounds the horn, originally uploaded by Loaf.

Midlake - The Horn www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYqsN4fCVjM

Forever sounds the horn

Forever sounds the horn, originally uploaded by Loaf.


Frog & me aunt's tea cup - hanging

Frog & me aunt's tea cup - hanging, originally uploaded by Loaf.

Here's where its home will be. Looks like a big window into my mind. Was listening to M83 "Raconte-Moi Historie" at th' time


Work in progress... colorful goat

Work in progress..., originally uploaded by Loaf.

I like how it looks at this stage right here


Work in progress...

Work in progress..., originally uploaded by Loaf.

I enjoy painting in places like this most because I don't speak the language, don't know if the owner's unhappy about me painting their house, and as people start to gather around talking loudly at my ridiculous gestures and funny faces there comes a moment when it becomes really great; the owner of the place will bring out a step ladder, a wash-basin, some more paint, or a cold beer.

Living room, China

Living room, China, originally uploaded by Loaf.

More fun urban explorations of abandoned spaces as the great expansion of Chinese landscape goes on!

Early morning cute

Early morning cute, originally uploaded by Loaf.

I enjoy roaming the corridors of these houtong-like spaces, eating all of the delicious foods, and watching myself slowly becoming obese.


5 min deer - mural

5 min deer - mural, originally uploaded by Loaf.

Quick doodle break between work


Untitled - Frog & Peppers, Gems & Coffee Cup

Untitled, originally uploaded by Loaf.

M83 song, "Raconte-Moi Historie"


Hot n spicy

Hot n spicy, originally uploaded by Loaf.


Downtown, originally uploaded by Loaf.

When I live in warmer places I sometimes forget the difficulty presented by walking in cities of ice and snow. It's fun though.

Snowy Deer

Snowy Deer, originally uploaded by Loaf.


City night

City night, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

Nice night of beer & wine, not to mention the 20 course dish of amazing awesomeness.


Snowy Deer

Snowy Deer, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

-30 today, so much snow all flights canceled



Café, originally uploaded by Loaf.

Most delicious coffee I've found thus far - beautiful little corner on what people keep telling me is the "lesbian street." I'm still not really sure what that means, but I like it.

I like black & white paints too

I like black & white, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.


Self-Portrait (reflection)

Self-Portrait, originally uploaded by Loaf.

I have no access to blogger but have access to a button in Flickr that enables me to post to blogger, so if this has been posted twice, now you know why.

Flickr account is here:



Rooftops - china

Rooftops, originally uploaded by Loaf.



Simplicity, originally uploaded by Loaf.


Simplicity, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.


Sorcerer Bakery


The narrative could be seen as beginning on the left. A sort of creation moment or a spark of light creates the heavens. Space becomes complex and eventually gives way to some kind of mask that blows out color from a pipe.

This could be a pipe for smoking or for music making and the sound is some kind of abstract expressionistic colorful array. A great red triangle lies in the corner symbolizing the Tao.

Then the story goes back to it's creation point. Looping in some kind of fractal-splash of a ... I've had too much rum and can't write.

List: Entheogenic epigenetic evolution of consciousness as it surfs the waves of possibility-space where past and future are one and everything is happening all of the time right now and only now.


Goodbye good times... hello good times!

Beauty shines bright by all kinds of star light.
paste up | loaf | berlin

paste up | loaf | berlin

Tacheles Berlin - LOAF

attribution: kersavond, kersavond, URBAN ARTefakte, and Misskaliansky


Berlin Wheatpaste - circa 2008 ?

Here's an old wheatpaste from 2008 I think. Someone took a picture of it recently (TXMX 2 on flickr)


Been a while...

So it's been a while, been doing too much work, too much traveling. Most of the work is not allowed to be publicly display yet, maybe sometime next year.

I still paint on walls, and often I incorporate art into the natural environment, here are two random pictures. That's it for now, I don't have a camera these days, and I don't get out of the studio or nature unless I have to.


Up in the Teatons I paint all the little stones with even littler red stones around some lake where they tell me the Rockefeller family meets with leaders and thinkers and all sorts. I wonder if they ever heard of "epistemology" or "epistemological communities"

Grand Teatons - Wyoming - USA - Earth

Here's the room of some place some where. It's in St. Louis. I was told it's voted worst place to live on some list. St. Louis, not the house, or squat, or whatever. I call 'em encampments. We're all in encampments, since nobody can really own land anyway.

For a peaceful meditation even the fire is cool and refreshing.

Finally got around to putting some works on Etsy, check it out if you like.


I think the cheapest works I have are like $35, but if somebody can't afford that and wants something, just let me know. Hell, I give stuff away for free all the time. Just want you to enjoy.

Contact me with Email. I try to get to everything as soon as possible.

Email is under "contact" at my website: http://www.loaf.es/



Labor of Hercules - Center Piece

Labor of Hercules

Full Narrative - Labor of Hercules

Happy Birthday!
In the beginning of our story the main character plays music. A carefree life.

Armadillo presenting reliquary
Some trouble arises and an Armadillo tasks him with a quest of sorts.

"I think that this Zen master is thinking too much. How can a butterfly dream?"
A magical leaf is ceremoniously mixed into a magical drink.

This lady offered to poison me. She's pretty cool.
Offerings are presented to the gods of night.

The female god, Ayahuasca, oft symbolized by anaconda.
The female goddess Ayahuasca answers in her typical form, that of a great snake.

Labor of Hercules
The Great Evil that is the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is like the hydra.

Hungry kitty - rooftop wraparound - corner with orb\
Fighting it's many necks proves difficult. Devouring it is our last ditch answer.

A blooded sword is a good thing indeed.

Armadillo presenting reliquary
Our story begins to loop, like the great snake. Here reward is presented.

Happy Birthday!
Life is cyclical and we begin where we end. Birth, death, all that jazz.

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