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With the way things are in some schools today, I'd rather be back in prison than back in school.

I taught for a time because I was asked to, and also because I was saddened by the mentally ruinous factory processes mere children were being subjected to daily. Perhaps I offered some hope during the brief time I was there. Obviously, I was not there for long as the very survival of modern educative systems, and contemporary society, depends on conformity which in turn depends on stupidity or fear.

I have problems forcing those things upon children.

Most systems of schooling I have encountered reduce humans into small parts of a grand industrial mechanization which breeds fear and violence. Thus, it is my belief that future generations (should humanity's future be in the direction of progress) will look upon current social systems of organization as barbaric and morally bankrupt. Nonetheless, the participants will be excused and forgiven with the same kind of rational we use to forgive most participants in crimes against humanity. Something like, "They didn't have a choice" or "They had to do it" or "It was the way things were back then." That the participants were driven by fear generated by a society of production and consumption will probably be too many words and syllables for most people to think about even a few hundred years from now.

I suppose the talking machines (Radio, TV, etc) will probably still exist in some way or another. As I close I wonder what's worse; the perpetuation of the myth of freedom in the minds of our young, or the incessant jabbering, flag waving, and enemy killing done by adults which protects the myth by destroying the ideal?

On a lighter note, although being around the prison-like buildings and the teachers was mentally and spiritually exhausting, often children would tell me things like; "This is the best day of my life!" or "This is the best day ever" and so on. And many of the children were so intelligent (although considered problematic by the wardens) that they were not to be bent by the system. So there's hope yet Mister Frodo.

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