Berlin Wheatpaste - circa 2008 ?

Here's an old wheatpaste from 2008 I think. Someone took a picture of it recently (TXMX 2 on flickr)


Been a while...

So it's been a while, been doing too much work, too much traveling. Most of the work is not allowed to be publicly display yet, maybe sometime next year.

I still paint on walls, and often I incorporate art into the natural environment, here are two random pictures. That's it for now, I don't have a camera these days, and I don't get out of the studio or nature unless I have to.


Up in the Teatons I paint all the little stones with even littler red stones around some lake where they tell me the Rockefeller family meets with leaders and thinkers and all sorts. I wonder if they ever heard of "epistemology" or "epistemological communities"

Grand Teatons - Wyoming - USA - Earth

Here's the room of some place some where. It's in St. Louis. I was told it's voted worst place to live on some list. St. Louis, not the house, or squat, or whatever. I call 'em encampments. We're all in encampments, since nobody can really own land anyway.

For a peaceful meditation even the fire is cool and refreshing.

Finally got around to putting some works on Etsy, check it out if you like.


I think the cheapest works I have are like $35, but if somebody can't afford that and wants something, just let me know. Hell, I give stuff away for free all the time. Just want you to enjoy.

Contact me with Email. I try to get to everything as soon as possible.

Email is under "contact" at my website: http://www.loaf.es/


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