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The narrative could be seen as beginning on the left. A sort of creation moment or a spark of light creates the heavens. Space becomes complex and eventually gives way to some kind of mask that blows out color from a pipe.

This could be a pipe for smoking or for music making and the sound is some kind of abstract expressionistic colorful array. A great red triangle lies in the corner symbolizing the Tao.

Then the story goes back to it's creation point. Looping in some kind of fractal-splash of a ... I've had too much rum and can't write.

List: Entheogenic epigenetic evolution of consciousness as it surfs the waves of possibility-space where past and future are one and everything is happening all of the time right now and only now.


Goodbye good times... hello good times!

Beauty shines bright by all kinds of star light.
paste up | loaf | berlin

paste up | loaf | berlin

Tacheles Berlin - LOAF

attribution: kersavond, kersavond, URBAN ARTefakte, and Misskaliansky

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