The Taste of Historical City! / Performance Art

The Taste of Historical City!
The Taste of Historical City!, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

I Love it the Most! I Win!

So, I go around and try to get people taking pictures of me licking and hugging spaces and places that we consider holy in an attempt to cause others to take up a bit of self-reflection.

It can be a dangerous business, getting other people to think. I find that humanity often equates beautiful ideas like holy, divine, sacred with the need to use or show force. I often find men with guns quick to respond to any behavior outside of the ordinary in places like this. Hell, even holding a camera outside Mao's tomb can get you spirited away to another world. In fact, I would imagine that most do not know that Chairman Mao's corpse lies intact without showing signs of decomposition or age in a temple in the middle of Tianamen square. Simple words do not do that sort of weirdness justice.


Impossible Germany, Inevitable Beijing

Inevitable, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

I found this space when I was exploring abandoned factories in Beijing.

Like the shamans who tried to heal by painting under me, I paint on these walls my own numinous symbols discovered in the land of the dreaming. The numinosity, or magical power, of our symbols transcends time and space.

Golden rain can be seen throughout history as the means by which the gods heal the land. Think of rainfall and a plentiful harvest as a conscious interpretation of the metaphor. Also, think back to the emaculate conception of Mary with Jesus, often represented by golden rain from the heavens. Further back brings us to the emaculate conception of the Greek Danae, impregnated by Zeus, also depicted as golden rainfall. Further back we go to Egypt with Isis, if you know that story, and the stories go on across cultures and time.

Modernity has not lost its connection with nature, but I feel we have forgotten how to perceive this connection which is ever active, constantly illuminating the Way, because the story goes on and on.

Mandala - China

Mandala, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

In an ambiguiously vain attempt at healing the land I trace my dreams onto the surface of wood and stone as I roll across the land, never knowing where I am or where I'm going as I learn to let go of the bank and float down the great river. Above me, a presence sits atop an eight spoked wagon wheel and I, presumptious as a child or an uninvited guest, seek to explain the unkown to the teachers I meet along the Way. As quiet as a foreigner.

-Update Aug, 2011 -

Don't paint, talk, or try to even think about mandalas in China, it can be seen as religious and their prisons aren't good places to be.

But, if you're like me you'll do it anyway. Some things are more important than following the rules :)

China and UFO education

China and UFO education
China and UFO education, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

Fortunately, discussing exopolitics in the classroom is apparently commonplace in China, even way out west. Consequently I don't happen to know where I am at the moment. Somewhere west I'm told.


Beijing - 798 (and Sakristan too!)

Beijing - 798
798 is an area of Beijing that used to be entirely composed of working factories. At some point the factories stopped factoring and artists began to take over the space using the old abandoned buildings as studios and eventually as galleries. Today the main features are the art galleries and souveneir shops. It's become pretty gentrified, I'd read about that online, but assumed the writers were exagerating a bit. They kind of weren't. It's unique gentrification and that might be worth seeing in its own right. And it was here that I came across the first (and only) bit of streetart in Beijing (or in all of China thus far) other than my own and other than the (very rare) tag or bomb.

This is a work of mine next to a Sakristan piece. Perhaps it's like a left/right brain switch, here the left is the more conscious side of man and the right is the less tech savy unconscious element encountered most readily in dream life.

I imagine it was the same for him when he painted here, crowds of tourists surrounded me taking pictures, none of them uttering a word, just me, smiling and attempting to say hello, making them blush and turn away, sometimes running away in giggles. Funny enough I've put up some work(s?) by Sakristan in the US, and we know some of the same people. Anyway, small world, no?

-correction, not him, but her, not he but she :D sorry! i r sometime the big idiot i have ever see

Beijing 798 - Chi Joe Ba?
798, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

The infamous factory of art. The epicenter of Beijing's art world. . . Here we go adding a little dimension of street art or post-graffiti to the mix. About the only other streetartist (other than graffiti type) here is Sakristan. Wil have to put up images of that later. Using computers isnt as high on the priority list as painting for me :)


Wheatpaste the World! : America, Asia, Europe, Middle East

Keep Dreaming!
The unconscious, tentatively described as "subliminal consciousness," was first posited by Fredric Meyers in 1886. This discovery is considered to have revolutionized psychology as much as the discovery of radioactivity has changed phsyics.

Questioningly Obvious

Pasting Trains
Pasting Trains, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

The night pictures are generally terrible, and the day pictures dont exist, so there's just this. It will have to do.

Artists featured; Alias, Fragil, Loaf, Prost, Think

I pasted a lot all over these trains... pitty no time for photography in the early morning & by night i was on a plane :(


Downtown Tel Aviv

Happy Trails
Happy Trails!

Recently I found out I'm in some shows. Artwork is currently being shown in (alphabetical order) Beijing, Berlin, Israel, and probably somewhere else I forget. Anyway, I cant use much of the internet or post to blogs except through flickr so no info on this until later! Love and Kisses! -Loaf, Beijing, Summer 2011

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