Wellness Bird Food : Now Gluten Free!

also, wellness bird food exists on this earth

Gluten & Sugar FREE Eggs!

on posterpaper A1 size or maybe A0, i foget

carrots! bio! dam so expensive

This is A2 size, large wood with metal frame holding it together, dropped on the streets, too dark for fotography

wellness turtle food

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im not kidding, this exists ... i need to but dont want to buy it to attach the label of the food... this's yet another drop item & i dont do fotos so well at night of glass like this

bio miel

bio miel und oso alongside a favorite artist, 6de

small images

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man, i like small images, but i'd like to conform, i just dont know how to make them bigger when i move them onto this blog thing. i forgot my passwords or let the gmail account expire

I am a Man!

I am a Man!
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scanner top, don't forget the unions in alabama! (it was alabama, wasn't it?)

Vitamin E & D^3ed!

See, i'm not kidding, Vitamin E & D^3 ... i don't even know what that means!

Free Drugs!

Free Drugs!
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This is my Free Drug Booth, a reappropriation of the glaringly ugly Pink whatever booth, it is powered by my soul & has 1 kilo of heroine inside... well, probably not by now, it doesnt

I am a Man

I am a Man
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This is on wood, though it doesnt look it so much

Please only Gluten Free.

street paintings are sometimes hard to let go of.. but internet, oh internet, you will keep me warm at night

gluten free honey

i love gluten free biological honey, it's just so glutty-licious

fukin wellness fox-catfood all up in it

i love foxes

i've purchased a bunch of cat food recently that is shit like "wellness, gluten free, sugar free, + vitaman a, c, d12, and so on... i dont have a cat

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