Inner-city Meditation

Inner-City Meditation

'For peaceful meditation, we need not go to the mountains and streams,
when thoughts are quietened down, fire itself is cool and refreshing.'
Zen master Kwaizen 1580

Inner-City Meditation


Streetartists descend on Atlanta

Atlanta Streetart

An assortment of various artists from around the world.

From left to right; Alias (Berlin), Sherman (ATL), various children from a 4th grade art (USA), *** (Moscow), and Loaf (Quito).

Funny times! Happy days!


Colour! Colors! Farben!

I read a bit up on this project. Not too much other than on their webpage. Saw the thing as an ad on a TED talks recently (or some weeks ago). Anyway, I've been wanting to do something like this for the past few years. So, good for them that they're doing it! Cool video too.


Let's Reimagine Public Space Together!

And listen to good music along the way!

Aufsteigende Trailer Days
- Aufsteigende Trailer Days -
Out in the country,
As the days go by,
More and more,
If we look we see em,
Flying high in the sky.

A mural done for the Atlanta Beltline which is an attempt at making Atlanta a more human-friendly environment. Currently it is a city designed more for the car.

In Europe (or, for that matter, in South America), urban growth and excess of motorized traffic have not so far resulted in completely subverting the pleasures of walking. A city of four million like Paris is still holding out the promise of civilized Lebensraum. "In Paris," writes philosopher Hannah Arendt, "a stranger feels at home because he can inhabit the city the way he lives inside his own four walls. And, just as one makes an apartment comfortable by living in it, and not merely using it for sleeping, eating, and working, one becomes comfortable in the city by strolling through it without aim or purpose, stopping off at one or another of the countless cafes that line the streets and past which the life of the city, the flow of pedestrians, moves along.

- Bernard Rudofsky

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