Older works on brown paper ~2009

Past couple days have been dumping a lot of older works I made onto the streets. Here are a few examples from a period where I was searching for a different direction. It lasted a few months, I don't know how much junk I ended up making in search of a different language of expression. This is but one outward expression of an inner dialogue which I feel it's better to put on display in the streets than to simply consign to some trash bin.


Just some examples of washbears or katzen oder irgendwas

Put up a lot of these the other evening. I suppose I will only post these three, however, in total I suppose I put up somewhere between 30-50 of them & gave some to people in the streets who gave me beer & wouldn't stop laughing at the things. Some older Berlin graffiti writers came along and helped me put up a few. It was great except I drank so much and had to keep finding places to pee. jaja


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