The first of two Dreams (Wall 1 of 2)

Dream (1 of 2)

Dream (1 of 2)
Dream (1 of 2), originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

I had this first dream while lying in a fever as I was suffering from the air pollution. My astral body floated in space as it usually does when I'm healing myself in sleep. But this time I was awoken by something like a sea of finger-like tentacles which moved and pulsed in waves as might something like seaweed as it drifts in the great currents of an ocean. When I came in contact with this ground plane I awoke with a start. I found it was actually someone checking on me and touching my back. This interrupted my state and I was unable to relax for some hours and then sleep was prohibited by the rising of the sun which occurred at 4 or so in the morning.

In closing I'll just say a little of the feeling that was revealed to me from this experience of the other worlds.

Our potential is sleeping while our primitive side narrates humanity's story and it isn't hard to see the cyclical nature of where we're headed, or, as Oppenheimer hinted at, where we've been. The opposite wall depicts a shortened version of this, the story of humanity.

Below is a brief excerpt from the interview with Oppenheimer after one of the greatest tragedies of the common era was felt.

Panorama - Dream (2 of 2)
Here is the opposite wall, but to see it in its entirety please go to the post itself here: http://stuffedanimalbrigade.blogspot.com/2011/07/dream-2-of-2_8638.html

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