A Frog in a Well

A Frog in a well - China

There's a story in China about a frog in a well who thinks the sky he sees is everything that there is. One day Turtle comes along and attempts to tell Frog of the world outside the well. Frog refuses to listen, he says he already knows everything and all that there is to see can be seen by him. Then Bird comes and tells him of the sea and the wonders of the sky. Again, Frog says there is only the sky which he can see from his well. Eventually the animals convince him to come out and have a look for himself. When he finally sees the world he regrets the way he once was.

This is a painting of a dream I had where many of the wells were burning and there were so many that they looke like stars as they faded into the distance. I painted an approximation of my dream in the middle of the night and some guys came along and told me that if you dream of fire you will be very wealthy. Well, I don't know about that, but here's to them anyway, cheers!

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