The Taste of Historical City! / Performance Art

The Taste of Historical City!
The Taste of Historical City!, originally uploaded by _Loaf_.

I Love it the Most! I Win!

So, I go around and try to get people taking pictures of me licking and hugging spaces and places that we consider holy in an attempt to cause others to take up a bit of self-reflection.

It can be a dangerous business, getting other people to think. I find that humanity often equates beautiful ideas like holy, divine, sacred with the need to use or show force. I often find men with guns quick to respond to any behavior outside of the ordinary in places like this. Hell, even holding a camera outside Mao's tomb can get you spirited away to another world. In fact, I would imagine that most do not know that Chairman Mao's corpse lies intact without showing signs of decomposition or age in a temple in the middle of Tianamen square. Simple words do not do that sort of weirdness justice.

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